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Jakkur: An Emerging Realty Hotspot in North Bangalore

March 14, 2020 | Admin

Jakkur: An Emerging Realty Hotspot in North Bangalore

Developing suburbs and fastest-growing commercial destinations in Bangalore city are receiving tremendous responses from property buyers and investors. In North Bangalore, the trends are extremely high and surprising because commercial activities are constantly increasing in this sophisticated part of Bangalore city and new investment sources are consistently joining here the major industrial hubs, IT corridors and renowned tech parks.

Jakkur is a highly advanced and developing part in North Bangalore and several prestigious MNCs have established their offices here. These renowned sources of employment are producing enormous opportunities of career growth due to which the influx of professionals is very high in this smart suburb of the city.

Apart from the industrial importance, Jakkur region is also renowned for its magnificent connectivity to all the major landmarks and important financial districts in the city. The excellent network of smooth roads, expressways, highways and flyovers in Jakkur offers hassle-free commuting to the residents living here and an International Airport is also situated here.

Another big factor which is driving here the growth of the real estate sector is the advanced and highly developed infrastructure of Jakkur region. The smart region has all the renowned sources of public facilities, social and civic amenities which are serving here the residents with the best facilities and services.

Last but not the least, the high chances of growth on investment returns make Jakkur an unbeatable realty hotspot and hence, not only local investors are showing involvements in the investments but people from other states and NRIs are also included in the list.

Century Horizon: A Supreme Luxury Venture in Jakkur

For smart housing and comfortable housing, consider the beautiful residential complex, Century Horizon established in Jakkur’s renowned and commercially developed surroundings. The development is a sophisticated zone to enjoy high-life in beautiful and modern apartments offering in 2, 3 and 4 BHK formats. These are highly stylish grand homes lavished with top furnishings and hi-tech fixtures. Amenities and facilities are available in abundance here and the project is close to everything which is important, essential or required.

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